Spokane River Watersheds

Watershed Planning & Implementation for WRIAs 54, 55, 56, & 57

WRIA 54-Watershed Plan

The watershed plan for Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 54, the watershed of the Lower Spokane River, provides a comprehensive review of water resources in the watershed and outlines strategies for future management. These strategies take the form of recommendations, obligations and position statements for the WRIA 54 Planning Unit, a working group of state and local governments, and organizational and private representatives. The Planning Unit developed the following mission statement for the watershed plan:

The WRIA 54 Planning Unit will create a living watershed management plan providing implementation strategies to manage water resources while improving water quality. The plan will support economic well-being, and protect and enhance the environment through collaborative citizen, business and government partnerships.

WRIA 54 Watershed Plan