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altLittle Spokane Integrated Ground and Surface Water Model

In 2016 Spokane County received a grant from the Bureau of Reclamation's WaterSMART Drought Resiliency program to develop an integrated ground and surface water model for the Little Spokane River Basin.

The model will be used to evaluate various water management strategies and watershed response to climate change.  The model report (links below) describes the physical setting, the conceptual hydrogeologic model, and the numerical model developed to simulate the surface water and groundwater systems in the Little Spokane Watershed. The model was calibrated to match observed streamflow and groundwater levels and has been tested on a series of water use and climate change scenarios. These applications were intended to demonstrate the usefulness of the integrated model as a decision-support tool for future water use management.

Model results can also be viewed in the Little Spokane Ground and Surface Water Model Results Explorer

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